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Providing Care and Love to Animals in Need

It’s a tragic fact that every year, thousands of animals across Indiana suffer from abuse and neglect, or are dropped off at animal shelters and forgotten.

At GJ Insurance Group, we believe that every animal deserves a happy home and a loving family. To this end, we are proudly announcing a charity effort to raise support for IndyHumane, a nonprofit animal rescue hospital committed to providing care and rehoming services to animals in our area.

Since 1905, IndyHumane has seen to the well-being of countless animals, and their new facility has plenty of space to provide care to many more. We want to help them in their mission, and we are setting a goal of raising $500 in donations for them.

We know we can’t do it alone, so we need the help of our clients, friends, and everyone in our community who cares about animals.

To be part of this charity effort, all you have to do is send a friend or family member into our offices for a free, no-hassle insurance consultation. After they get quoted, we will make a $10 donation directly to IndyHumane IN YOUR NAME! It’s never been easier to help animals receive the care they deserve and find a new family that will love them forever.

Don’t wait, join us today! Together we can make a real difference for animals in need.

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE