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What Is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance policies are engineered to financially safeguard motorcycles, including scooters and some other two and three-wheeled conveyances, all of which are put together in factories by various established manufacturers. This kind of insurance can also extend coverage for custom-built cycles as well. Most plans can cover side cars and the like, as well. (Generally speaking, a different kind of plan will be required to cover ATVs and four-wheelers.)

How Does it Work?

Motorcycle owners are mandated by state law to carry basic motorcycle insurance coverage that financially safeguards others should their properties be damaged or should they be hurt while operating motorcycles. This variety of coverage is specifically called “liability.” If you are operating your motorcycle and somehow become involved in an accident where you are deemed at fault, liability insurance will compensate for any damages to the other vehicle or property.

Besides liability protection, motorcycle plans can be obtained that offer collision protection. This financially safeguards the policyholder should his or her motorcycle be damaged as the result of an accident. Collision coverage normally will include a deductible, which is an amount a policyholder must first pay prior to the insurance company providing its compensation to you or the repair facility. For example, if one has a $750 deductible, this must be first paid and is your responsibility. Once this amount is paid, your coverage will handle the additional amount to repair or replace your motorcycle. If you are deemed at fault in an accident, collision coverage is what helps you in repairing your own motorcycle.

You may also greatly benefit from motorcycle comprehensive coverage. This allocates coverage for such things as theft, vandalism, fire, severe weather, and some other perils. Like collision coverage, comprehensive comes with a deductible that must first be paid prior to the provider’s compensation.

There is also other invaluable coverage that is known as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. This helps in covering the costs for repair of the motorcycle if another fails to have enough or any insurance coverage to pay for your loss. There is also available coverage for roadside assistance. When you obtain this kind of coverage, roadside emergency assistance, like towing and jump starts, are made available with this aspect of good motorcycle insurance coverage.