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Who Needs Business Insurance?

Contractors such as plumbers, electricians, and movers are widely required to provide proof of coverage before even being permitted to start a job. Some coverage requirements may be industry specific. The owner of a retail space may even require plate glass insurance in the event of damage to the windows of the store front. Businesses will generally be covered against any wide array of possible risks.

Most, if not all of the time, when a business is entering into a lease for office or retail space, the landlord will require proof of coverage. They would likely require general liability. It protects against property damage, and personal and bodily injury. There is also business owner insurance that will add on coverage for other risks, such as to residential buildings and all types of commercial buildings. Policies can also cover risk of damage to personal property. Coverage can also protect against the risk of loss of income.

How Does it Work?

Liability coverage is also available to providers of professional services. It protects the professional owner from such risks as negligence and more. Another common type of insurance covers workman’s compensation. If an employee suffers an injury that is work related, the company can be covered for some or all of the medical costs incurred from the injury. It also may provide for any possible lost wages to the employee if time is lost from work.

Owners of all types of businesses will benefit by having the correct coverage and the appropriate amounts of coverage. They need to protect themselves and their businesses from the risks and claims that can arise during the normal course of their work. It is wise to talk to a professional agent about your specific needs.