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According to the CDC, about one in every four adults have some kind of special need. People with disabilities live very different lives from us. What might take seconds for us to do can become an impossible task for someone with a developmental disability.

Due to the daily challenges, the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families is dramatically reduced. And the sad truth is that, as a society, we’re still a far way from catering to their particular needs. Numerous organizations have taken the issue into their own hands and are fighting to change how people with disabilities are treated.

We believe in making our planet a better place by building a strong community that looks out for each other, and are proud to be supporting Noble for our newest Community Cause! The goal of Noble is to raise the standard of living for kids and adults of all abilities, so they may live out their potential in a society that recognizes them for their contributions rather than their disabilities.

If you would like to join us in supporting this worthy cause, we will happily donate $10 on your behalf to Noble for every person you recommend to our agency who receives a no-obligation quotation. Let’s make this world a kinder place for the differently-abled! So how many people do you know who might like to save money on their insurance and help out neighbors in need in the process?

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