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What Is Renter’s Insurance?

Good renters insurance, as the name suggests, is engineered to financially protect one’s personal property and to provide further protection from potential liability issues, all while being a renter. It gives coverage for a myriad of different kinds of damage, like that the effects of severe weather, theft, vandalism, fire, and various other natural disasters depending on the policy details. While renter’s insurance is designed to cover expenses accrued if a residence is no longer habitable, it also covers damage to personal property. Some types of renter’s insurance cover you if someone sues you for an injury that they suffered in your apartment. In addition, renter’s insurance often covers belongings that were stolen from your car if it was parked at your rented property at the time.

How Does it Work?

Essentially, all who rent a property can greatly benefit from good renter’s insurance. It can be especially helpful to renters who own a substantial number of valuables and who might store them in their apartment homes. If one is in the market for an apartment to rent and if it will one that is owned by a real estate company, renter’s insurance will often be mandatory, since many landlords will require this kind of coverage.

Once covered and in need of the renter’s insurance protection, you will first need to submit a claim to the insurance provider. Next, the claim will either be approved or denied depending on the outcome of the insurance company’s investigation, which is the normal operating procedure. The premium payments are utilized by the insurance company to handle claims for all that are submitted from their customer pool.

The main kinds of coverage are personal liability, loss-of-use, and personal property protection. The majority of renter’s insurance policies provide all three kinds of coverage. However, some policies only provide one or two of these coverage types. Besides the major categories of this coverage, there also is renter’s insurance protection that covers a specific kind of damage or liability. For example, those who have certain kinds of dogs, the ones that are deemed to be potentially dangerous, will often need to acquire a renter’s insurance component that includes additional liability protection for dog bites.