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What if someone else wrecks my car while driving it? – Carmel

Hey, everybody Jensen Novakasky with GJ Insurance Group. And today we have a question that we get asked very often. And the question is, what if I let somebody drive my vehicle and they get into an accident? What happens? Well, in most cases, insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. Therefore, your car is insured, not you. Therefore, if you let your friend, family member, whoever is not on your auto insurance policy, drive your vehicle and they wreck it, then that is on your auto insurance policy because your vehicle is on your auto insurance policy. So the risk that you run by letting somebody drive your vehicle is, if it’s a bad enough accident and you don’t have enough coverage and you let them drive your vehicle, you could be held liable for the additional damages that could come with that. So always think about who you’re letting drive your vehicle and be aware of what’s out there. You can give us a call at any time to have more discussions like this. (317) 751-5001.

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