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Reasons Carriers Will Cancel Your Insurance – Carmel IN

Hi again. This is Marques Bennett with GJ Insurance Group. Today, we’re going to talk about some reasons that your policy could be canceled by your insurance carrier. The first one is obviously the premium payment. That means if you forget to pay your premium within that on time or within that 30 to 60 day grace period, that means that the company has a potential to cancel your policy because of nonpayment of premium.
Another one is lying about something on your application. Let’s say that you didn’t exactly tell them the truth about if you had accidents or anything like that and they find it down the road, they could potentially cancel your policy on that, as well.
Another one is if your license is suspended or revoked due to anything. Let’s say you get a DWI or DUI, or you’re driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or you have too many points, that’s another reason that your policy could be potentially canceled.
And then also your health status changes. Let’s say you have a stroke and you’re unable to completely perform the duties as an avid and capable driver on the roads, because you’re taking your life into account and other people’s that are on the road. So that’s another reason that you could potentially have your insurance canceled by the insurance carrier.
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