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Do I Need Renter Car Insurance? – Carmel

Hey guys, Jensen Nowakoski with GJ Insurance Group. We had a very great question come through recently, and the question was, “When you go to rent a car, do you have to purchase the rental car agency’s insurance that they offer you?” And the answer is it depends. So if you have a current auto insurance policy with at least one vehicle with comprehensive coverage and collision coverage, then if you wreck the rental car, then the rental car is covered. That is not the insurance that the rental car agency is talking about. What they are talking about is called loss of use, which means if that rental car is wrecked, your auto insurance policy will cover that rental car. What it will not cover is the loss of income that the rental car agency loses by not having that rental car available for rent. So you would be on the hook for that financial responsibility to the rental car agency for how much money they lost while their vehicle is in the repair shop or if it needs to be fully replaced. That’s the answer. Hope all is well. Thank you, guys.

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