Indianapolis Homeowners Insurance Agencies

David Wood

I grew up in the great city of Fort Wayne, IN! I have previous experience in the B2B voluntary benefits insurance sector, and I have also worked as a captive agent for one of the big national insurance companies.

Now that we got that out the way, it is time that you meet the other side of me! I am an avid golfer and enjoy everything about the sport. It has always given me a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and the day-to-day challenges life can present. Golfing truly helps me to focus on myself and the part I play in all the success and obstacles I run into throughout everyday life. It’s all about attitude- it’s the one thing I can’t stop talking about (except golf). Having an upbeat attitude is priceless in the world we live in today… I really feel like I have learned more life lessons while learning the game of golf than I have golf lessons!

More interestingly, despite my appearance, I like to make music in my free time. Some of you might know me as my rather well-known underground rapper name, LoCo MAN. If you haven’t heard of me before, you sure have now! 

The most important part of my life, though, is my baby girl Zoe. She is my very special baby and is my favorite person to spend time with outside the job.

I am excited about this great opportunity I have now at GJ Insurance Group. To be able to help anyone and everyone get the best rate available for something they all already have and are already paying for currently is a truly exciting blessing.